Minimizing The Problems That Your Septic System Could Suffer

13 December 2021
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Whenever a home's septic system suffers a significant problem, a homeowner could find themselves facing major repair costs to restore the functionality of their system as well as potentially causing secondary damage as well. Understanding the problems and threats that will pose the greatest risk to your septic system will be essential if you are to minimize your chances of your home encountering these issues.

Minimize The Number Of Plants That You Have Near The Septic Tank

Plants can be a source of septic system problems that can be severely underestimated by homeowners. In reality, there are many plants that will have roots that are large and strong enough to penetrate the drainfield and septic tank. Once this occurs, the roots can block the flow of water and potentially allow contaminated water to leak. In particular, large plants are able to cause these problems, and this can lead to you benefiting from removing any larger plants that may be growing near the septic system.

Use Septic Safe Toilet Products And Dish Soap

The products that you use in your home can be another factor that will impact the performance of the septic system. An example of this can be the use of toilet paper and dish soap that are designed for use with septic systems. Septic-safe toilet products can be far easier to decompose, which can reduce the risk of them potentially clogging the septic tank or drainfield. Dish soap that is safe for septic systems is needed to avoid neutralizing many of the bacteria in the tank that break down the solid waste that enters the system. These simple steps can drastically reduce the odds that your septic system will need to undergo major repairs in the near future.

Address Erosion In Near The Drainfield Of The Septic System

Erosion problems can be an issue that will be a threat to your entire landscaping. However, excessive erosion near the drainfield or the septic tank can pose some unique problems. Water from this system pooling on the surface of the ground is an obvious consequence of this type of erosion. However, it is also possible for there to be less readily noticeable consequences of this erosion. For example, this soil washing away could reduce the insulation for these buried components, which may increase the chances of them freezing during periods of extreme cold in the winter. If you notice that the soil near your septic system is starting to wash away, it should be supplemented to minimize these potential septic issues.

For more information, contact a septic tank service in your area.