How A Clogged Sewer Line Might Be Cleared Depending On The Type Of Clog

17 November 2021
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The big problem with rinsing grease and fat down the kitchen drain is that the fat cools down and sticks to the side of the drain before it has a chance to make it to the city's sewer line. If you pour grease down the drain very often, it won't be long until your kitchen drain or sewer line becomes clogged. Clogs build up quickly in a sewer line because soap scum, bits of hair, and other debris get caught in the fat clog. Here's a look at how a plumber may clear out your clogged sewer line.

Use A Camera To Identify The Clog

Different clogs may need different methods to bust up the clog and clear the line. For instance, if the sewer line has buildup on it, the plumber might need to use a hydro jet to clean the inside of the pipe. If the problem seems to be a paper clog, a drain snake might punch through the paper and break up the clog. Using a snake might be less expensive, but it might not be as effective as a hydro jet.

A third type of clog is when the sewer line cracks and crumbles. When the line has collapsed, a hydro jet or snake won't solve the problem. Instead, the sewer line has to be repaired to get rid of the clog. The plumber can send a camera into the sewer line and see exactly what's causing the clog and then go about clearing it the right way.

Clean Out The Clogged Drain

If a grease clog is the problem, then the best way to deal with the clogged sewer line will probably be with a hydro jet. A hydro jet not only breaks up the clog, but it also washes the sides of the sewer line to get rid of grease, scum, scale, and other buildup that clings to the side of the drain. A benefit of having a camera inspection done first is that the plumber can see if your pipes will tolerate the strong water jet without being damaged.

A water jet also cuts through paper clogs, tree roots, and other obstructions in the sewer line, so it's a good way to deal with a clogged sewer line. However, the plumber might opt for using a snake or drain auger instead if necessary.

Repair A Bad Pipe

If the sewer line is clogged off because the pipe has collapsed on itself or because the pipe is broken and sand has washed into the pipe and clogged it, the plumber has to make repairs as well as get rid of the clog. The plumber may start by using a hydro jet to wash out the inside of the line. Then they may pull a liner through the broken pipe to repair it. In some cases, the plumber might decide to dig up the old pipe and repair or replace it.