4 Signs It's Time To Consider Repiping Services

5 November 2021
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Do you have an older home with worn-out pipes, or are you considering repiping because of low water pressure? Repiping is one of the most significant home repairs that homeowners have to undertake. If the repiping is not completed correctly, it can lead to even more expensive problems down the road. To repipe your home without causing significant disruption to your indoor living space, you might consider professional repiping services.

What is Repiping?

As you know, plumbing systems are subject to wear and tear. In other words, they don't last forever, and they are likely to wear out in due time. In such a case, you need to replace old, worn-out pipes, a process known as repiping. It is a task that every homeowner might consider at some point.

What Are the Signs It's Time to Consider Repiping Services?

How do you know it's time to repipe your home? Repiping is not at all a cheap project since there are many associated costs. The process can be easy or complicated, depending on the overall plumbing system in your home. Because repiping is not a DIY project, you may want to hire a repipe company, a specialist contractor, or repipe plumber, depending on the extent of your needs.

Your home might need repiping services if you notice any of the following:

Corroded or Leaking Pipes

If you notice significant rust in your hot water heating system or other pipes in your house, it might be time to consider repiping. You should also contact a professional plumber when your home's plumbing system is corroded or if you notice rust or brown residue in your faucets, bathtub, sink, and other fixtures.

Your Water Bill Is Skyrocketing

Is your water bill is soaring more than you can afford to pay? You might have a repiping problem. If the rust-colored stains on your shower head are any indication, corroded pipes are probably causing some serious drain clogs in your home. There is only one way to be sure: have a repiping professional come and inspect your pipes.

Your Plumbing Is More Than 50 Years Old

Most repiping professionals agree that the life expectancy of galvanized steel pipes is around 20-50 years. If your home's plumbing was done before 1970, it's likely that repiping is already necessary or will soon be required.

You're Constantly Experiencing Leaks

Just like any plumber will tell you, "Even a drip can become a flood with time." Water damage is not only a major inconvenience, it is also destructive to your home. If you've had any leakage due to burst pipes or clogged drains, repiping services might be your best option.

The Bottom Line

By repiping your home, you are ensuring that all of the water pipes are new. If you are experiencing leaking pipes, water pressure issues, rust-colored water, and higher than average water bills, local repiping services may be able to help.