4 Telltale Signs That Emergency Plumbing Services Are Needed For Slab Leak Detection

7 April 2023
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Homeowners who discover that they have water leaks should treat their discoveries as emergency plumbing issues. Some leaks are easy to detect, but others may go undetected until they cause property damage. Some homes that have a concrete foundation (slab) have pipes that run through them. These leaks may go undetected if homeowners do not get routine plumbing inspections. This is because of the construction design and pipes not being visible. A slab leak can cause significant damage to a home. The following points highlight a few things that a homeowner might notice if they have a slab leak.

Sound of Water Running Continuously

This is a telltale sign that something is amiss. There should not be any sounds of water running if appliances such as washing machines are not in use and no one is using water. The issue may not be a slab leak. Other leaks such as pipe leaks behind walls can cause this same phenomenon. Either way, this is an emergency plumbing issue because it can lead to extensive water damage and promote mold growth.

Low Water Pressure

A slab leak can negatively impact water pressure because water is continuously being lost from the leak. Homeowners can turn off their water and go observe their meters. If the meter continues to move, it is a sign that there is a leak present. Slab leaks are not as obvious as other types of leaks. Since most homeowners do not know how to locate water leaks, they should seek emergency plumbing services for leak detection.

Water Puddles Around the Foundation

If it has not rained recently, there is no reason why a home should have water pooling around it. Standing water around a foundation is a telltale sign that a slab leak is present. There might also be cracks in the foundation. If not, cracks will eventually occur if there are delays seeking. emergency plumbing services.

Offensive Odors

The excess water exposure in the slab may promote the growth of mold and mildew. Slab leaks may also cause the flooring to get wet. This can lead to these substances growing within the home. They are toxic and can make individuals ill. Homeowners who observe weird puddles on their homes' flooring should treat the issue as an emergency plumbing issue and get their foundations inspected. 

A plumber is a good resource to use if a slab leak is suspected. They can inspect homes using special equipment. Slab leaks need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent property damage.

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