Keeping Your Pipes Flowing By Avoiding Clogs

28 February 2023
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Drains are essential to any home's plumbing system, but neglecting to clean them regularly can lead to serious clogs forming deep in the pipes.

Clean Your Drains By Using A Drain Snake

Drain snakes are easily one of the most effective ways to break up and remove obstructions from your pipes. This long and flexible tool can reach deep into the pipes to remove debris and buildup before it can cause clogs. Using a drain snake is as simple as inserting it into the drain and slowly rotating it while pushing it forward. This motion will break up and dislodge any blockages in the pipe.

When using the drain snake, it is crucial to be careful to avoid damaging the pipes. Additionally, you should stop immediately if you encounter resistance. Instead, trying a different angle to break up the clog would be best. Attempting to force the drain snake through could push the clog deeper into the line.

Remove Grease And Grime With Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another effective way to clean your home's drains is by mixing baking soda and vinegar. This natural combination can help break down buildup and dissolve clogs. To use this method, loosen any residue by flushing the drain with hot water for several minutes. Next, pour a small amount of baking soda directly into the center of the drain opening. Once this is done, you can add a cup of vinegar to the drain. The fizzing action will loosen the grime, and the acidity of the mixture may also loosen the residue. After half an hour or so, the drain should be flushed with hot water to remove these substances.

You Can Minimize Grime Buildup In Your Drains

While these methods can effectively clear clogs, prevention is key to maintaining clean and healthy drains. A practical option is to avoid pouring grease and food scraps down the drain. Instead, use a drain strainer to catch these materials before they can cause a clog. Cleaning drain stoppers and traps can also prevent hair and debris from accumulating in the pipes. The garbage disposal also needs maintenance, but this is relatively simple as you will primarily only need to flush the garbage disposal after each use.

Hire Professionals To Regularly Clean The Drains

While these methods can be effective for minor clogs, sometimes a clog can be too stubborn for DIY solutions. A plumber can use advanced tools and techniques to clear even the most difficult clogs. Furthermore, these professionals can do this without risking the integrity of the pipes or causing other damage. 

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