Backflow Prevention Assembly: Why It's Important

21 February 2023
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When you have backflow to worry about with your plumbing system, it's important that you have a new backflow assembly put in. Your plumber will do this work for you and will ensure the safety of your plumbing overall. 

What is backflow assembly and how can you tell if you need a new backflow assembly system put in place? Here's a guide to assist you.

What is a backflow assembly?

The way a backflow assembly system works is twofold: first the system works to make sure that water flows and drains in one direction only. This means it ensures that water does not come back up your system once you have opened a drain or flushed a toilet. Secondly, this backflow prevention assembly works to ensure that sewage and wastewater do not end up in your clean water system.

Every time you flush your toilet or pull a drain and see the used water disappear, you can thank your backflow assembly for doing its job.

Why backflow prevention assembly is important

In the end, your home's plumbing system will not work effectively or safely without a backflow assembly put in. Also known as backflow prevention, this is a key tool in making sure your home's water system operates without overflow and contamination of wastewater and sewage getting into your home. Your washing machine, dishwasher, sinks, tubs, toilets, and other water-using appliances rely on a backflow assembly to operate safely.

How to tell when your backflow assembly isn't working

How do you know if your backflow assembly is operating as it should? Your plumber will let you know when they install new plumbing fixtures or perform other services for you if your backflow assembly isn't working like it should. They'll make repairs and replacements as needed.

You'll also notice on your own if your backflow prevention assembly isn't operating well. It's a fairly easy spot, and includes water coming back up into a drain when the drain isn't clogged. A toilet that keeps overflowing will also be a sign of a faulty backflow assembly. These issues are going to worsen without care if you're not careful so you should get your plumber out to your home to see what the problem is and to make repairs as needed. This way, you can protect your home's plumbing system and your family against a backflow assembly issue.

Make an appointment with your plumber if you're worried about your home's backflow assembly. You can get a same-day service if available.