4 Signs You Have A Rusty Faucet

10 February 2023
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If one of your faucets has internal or external rust problems, then you will need to replace it at some point. The rust will continue to eat into the metal. Even if the faucet works OK now, it is likely to break down in the future. 

How can you tell if a faucet has started to rust?

1. You See Rust on the Outside of the Faucet

If you can see spots of rust on the outside surfaces of a faucet, then you can be pretty sure that you have a significant problem. You often see these spots around the bottom of the unit or around its handle. Typically, you won't see external rust until the faucet has significant internal rust. It spreads from the inside out.

2. Your Faucet Is Harder to Turn On and Off

If the inside parts of a faucet start to rust, then the rust might affect how the faucet turns on and off. It might feel different when you use it. For example, it might feel grainy when you turn it on or off. You might feel like something is obstructing the faucet so that it doesn't work smoothly. The faucet might stick and take more effort to fully turn on and off.

In some cases, the faucet might make a squealing or squeaking noise when you use it. This is a sign that rust has clogged up some of its parts. If something rubs against a deposit, it can make a noise.

3. Your Water Flow Has Changed

You get used to how quickly the water runs through your faucets. After all, you use them often enough. Sometimes, rust inside a faucet can change this water flow.

This usually happens because a buildup of rust is narrowing parts of the faucet through which water runs. If water has less space to run through, or has to run over a blockage, then its flow will decrease.

4. You See Rust in Your Water

Rust can flake. If you have some rust inside a faucet, then it might break away from its surface and come out in your water. So, you might get a glass of water to drink and see some spots of rust in it. Or, the water might have a rusty brown tinge.

While all these signs can indicate a rust problem, they can also be a sign of different problems inside a faucet or the pipe that feeds it. To learn more, contact a local plumbing contractor.