Tips To Prevent Clogged Drains

2 February 2023
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The inconvenience caused by clogged drains is the last thing you want to deal with in your home. Knowing how to prevent clogs and backups helps keep your plumbing system in good condition. Repairing clogs can be expensive, so it's better to avoid them. Below are tips to keep your drains running effectively. 

Inspect Your Septic Tank Frequently   

Regular septic tank inspection is a perfect way to keep your drains running freely. Failure to inspect your septic tank annually can lead to clogs down the drains, which can cause damage to your home. If it's been a long since you had your septic tank checked, you should hire professionals as soon as possible to prevent clogged drains that can dent your pockets trying to fix them.

Avoid Letting Any Kitchen Waste or Food Scraps Go Down the Drain

Prevention of clogged drains starts by not putting any kitchen waste or food down the kitchen drain. Scrape food off the plates into the bin before putting them in the sink to clean. Also, avoid placing banana peels, hard vegetables, and coffee grounds down the drain since they are thick and may cause blockage.

Develop a Habit of Pouring Hot Water Down Your Drain

Homeowners know that food-related substances are common culprits of drain blockage. Most kitchen sink clogs result from oil or grease that goes down the drain. Grease and cooking oils can stick inside your pipes and cause major clogs in the future. 

You should prevent this problem by boiling a kettle of hot water at least once a week to break down the oil that has solidified inside the pipes. Hot water helps maintain clear lines, allowing liquids to pass freely down the drain.

Make Use of Drain Strainers in the Sink

Placing drain strainers in your sinks is a perfect way to prevent solid materials from going down the drain. Drain filters are available in different sizes. Cleaning your drain filters more often is part of proper care and maintenance. A well-maintained drain strainer works effectively to prevent clogs.

Stop Using Your Toilet As a Litter Bin

Although throwing other products in your toilet is tempting because the drain hole is large, you shouldn't do it. You should never throw anything else apart from toilet paper into the toilet. Any paper product apart from toilet paper can cause blockage. It is easier to prevent clogged drains than to fix them. Hiring a professional to repair a clogged drain in your home can be very expensive. 

Homeowners should employ the above tips to prevent clogged drains to avoid unnecessary costs.

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