When Do You Need To Involve A Plumber In Your Home Remodeling Plans?

27 January 2023
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Usually, when you remodel your home, you work with a designer to create the plans, and then a team of builders do the actual work of moving walls, installing new cabinets, putting down new floors, and so forth. Sometimes, though, you need to involve other professionals and tradespeople in the project. For instance, there are times when you need to get a plumber involved in your remodeling plans. Here are a few of those instances.

You're moving a sink, tub, or toilet. 

If you're remodeling and leaving all of the water-using features in the same places, then you don't generally need to hire a plumber. The average contractor can install a new toilet, sink, or shower if they don't have to run new pipes. If you relocate any of these items, though, you'll need to have new pipes run. In most areas, that has to be done by a plumber — according to code. Running new pipes also involves cutting and sweating pipes, which is something only plumbers tend to do.

You're installing different equipment.

Replacing an old tub with a new one is one thing. Adding a hot tub when you did not previously have one is quite another. Doing so generally involves running new plumbing lines, and the plumber may also need to make some changes to the home to set up a drain, too. The same is true if you're installing other new, water-using equipment such as a fridge with an ice maker, a pot-filling tap, or an outdoor shower.

You're adding an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are certainly having a "moment" lately. They do make your outdoor living space far more usable, as they make it easier to prepare and enjoy meals during backyard gatherings. If you're installing an outdoor kitchen, you really do want to hire a plumber to help with your remodel. Not only do you need water lines to run to any sink you set up, but you may also need a separate water heater for the outdoor setup. On-demand water heaters tend to work well in this setting. The plumber will also make sure the sink is tied into your sewage system so your waste water doesn't end up all over the yard.

Home remodels range from minor to quite extensive. If yours involves any of the changes above, get in touch with a plumber. Your contractors may be able to recommend one.

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