3 Things To Know About Mini Split HVAC Systems

21 November 2022
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While many homes use forced air HVAC systems for their heating and cooling needs, there are some alternative HVAC systems to be aware of. One of those is a mini-split system, which can provide both heating and cooling to your home. Here are a few things that you should know about this different type of HVAC system.

Mini-Split Systems Are Ductless

A mini-split HVAC system is unique because it is completely ductless. There is an indoor and outdoor unit that provides heating and cooling, with the indoor unit being built into a wall with access to the outside. You don't have air traveling through ductwork to reach each room with a mini-split system. Instead, you'll have several indoor units in the rooms where you want the hot and cold air distributed.

This helps make a mini-split system incredibly efficient in several ways. There is not going to be energy loss in having the hot or cold air travel through your ductwork, since it is produced in the room it is being used in. This can help warm up or cool down a room quickly and with less energy. In addition, having several units throughout your home means that you only heat or cool the rooms that you are using. You can save money by not heating your entire house when you are only using one room.

Mini-Split Systems Are Great For Additions

If you are putting an addition on to your home, one of the challenges you will run into is how to heat and cool the new space. It may be impossible to use your existing ductwork due to where it is located, and because your existing HVAC system is sized for the old square footage. A mini-split system can be put into a new space so that you do not impact the rest of your home's heating and cooling.

Mini-Split Systems Can Have A High Upfront Cost

Be aware that there is going to be a high upfront cost associated with a mini-split system, which is because you are going to need an indoor and outdoor unit for it to operate. If you are only heating or cooling one room of your home, it's a big cost involved to make that one room feel comfortable. This may mean that a mini-split system is not for you if you are on a budget and have small heating and cooling needs. However, it can be practical and affordable when scaled properly to multiple rooms of your home. 

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