When Should You Call For Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

26 October 2022
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A drain clog is a problem you should deal with promptly, but DIY clog removal doesn't always do the job. Recognizing when you need help from a plumber can save a lot of time, effort, and money spent fighting with clogged drains. Here are a few cases where calling for professional drain cleaning services is the right choice.

1. Your Drain Has a Noticeable Odor or Mold

Unfortunately, much of the muck and grime that makes up the average drain clog is prone to releasing unpleasant odors. Shower drains collect body oils, while kitchen drains are subjected to grease and other food waste. When a clog is located above the P-trap, odors can freely escape from the drain opening.

Odor problems are compounded when mold or mildew takes root in a clogged drain. Darkness, dampness, and an abundant organic matter food source make clogged drains an easy place for mold to flourish and release musty odors. In severe cases, you may see mold growing around the edges of your drains. Visible mold and odors that refuse to dissipate are good signs that you should let a professional tackle your clogged drains.

2. You're Struggling With Multiple Drain Clogs

No drain is impervious to clogs, but it's quite unlikely that a problematic clog would appear in more than one drain at a time. If you're struggling with this situation, there's probably a deeper problem in your home's plumbing. A sewer line clog is one such issue.

When your sewer line is blocked, wastewater from your drains has no way to escape. Clogs and backups may occur in every drain, starting with those on the bottom floor that are closest to your sewer line. DIY drain cleaning attempts aren't effective in this situation because they will recur until your sewer line is cleared. You must rely on a plumber to clean your sewer line and then resolve any remaining issues with your drains.

3. Your DIY Drain Cleaning Attempts Have Failed

In some cases, DIY drain cleaning methods can harm your plumbing system. Overuse of chemical cleaners can lead to pipe corrosion, and they often don't provide long-lasting results. Improper use of a drain auger can puncture your pipes or chip away the protective coating on their interior walls.

Plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and professional-grade equipment to remove any clog without damaging your drain pipes. When you're faced with a stubborn clog, don't risk DIY methods that could lead to more expensive plumbing repairs down the road. Call plumbers for professional drain cleaning if you notice these issues in your home's drains.