Using Hydronic Floor Heating In Your Home

20 September 2022
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Heating flooring systems can be among the most common types of hydronic heating systems that homes will have installed. While heated floors can make the interior substantially more comfortable, it can be complicated enough that a homeowner will need to be aware of some of the basics of maintaining and repairing these complex heating systems.

Uneven Heating Of The Interior Space Can Indicate A Need For Repairs

The heating system that warms your floors will largely be out of sight, and this can lead to individuals assuming that it will be difficult to notice when there are performance issues or malfunctions developing with it. For example, it could be possible that a leak or clog has formed in the tubes that are heating the floors. With electrical floor heating systems, it could be possible for one or more sections of the heating elements to fail. These issues could result in the floor becoming unevenly heated, which can lead to some areas of the room being noticeably cooler than others.

Improper Maintenance Can Reduce The Lifespan And Performance Of The Heating System

Proper maintenance of a hydronic heating system can help to reduce the likelihood of the system developing substantial problems in the future. The type of maintenance that the system requires can depend on the method that it uses to create warmth. For electric systems, the condition of the heating elements may need to be inspected, which could require accessing the crawl space under the floors. However, floor heating systems that work by circulating hot water through tubes in the floors will need to be checked for leaks and mineral deposits. Luckily, this can be significantly easier due to the ability to use a small camera to perform this type of inspection of the condition of the tubes that are transporting the warm water under the floors.

Hydronic Heating Systems May Need Supplementary Sources Of Heat

While hydronic floor heating systems can provide effective warming of the home's interior, they may not be sufficient when the temperature is especially low. During these times, you may want to have supplementary heating options as this will allow the home to remain at a comfortable temperature during these times while also reducing the excessive strain on the hydronic heating system. By reducing the strain on the system during the coldest times, you may be able to extend the life of the system while also improving the heating efficiency of the home.

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