FAQs About Temporary Fencing For A Construction Site

19 August 2022
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Opening a construction business for the first time is exciting but should be done with a lot of caution. As you venture into your new business journey, you must consider the legal risks that are involved with such a dangerous career. For example, you must not only consider the safety risks of your workers and the possibility of a lawsuit, but also the public. If you are working on a construction project and it is easy for trespassers to access, you can get sued if any of the trespassers get injured. To decrease the risk of trespassers accessing dangerous areas of construction sites, temporary fence rentals are wise to invest in during each project.

What Are the Temporary Fencing Options?

There are multiple temporary fencing types for you to choose between. It is wise to choose the fencing type based on the needs of each construction project you are working on. For example, if you are doing construction in a high-traffic area, you might want to consider renting barricade fencing. The reason is that barricade fencing is strong enough to prevent vehicles from entering the construction site. However, if you only need the minimum level of protection for a construction site, mesh fencing might be worth considering, or an array of other fencing options.

Will the Fencing Materials Be Delivered?

After placing your order for temporary construction fencing, it will be delivered to the construction site. How fast the materials are delivered varies between fencing companies, but the process is usually fast. Another thing that you should know is that upon delivering the fencing materials to the construction site, most rental companies will also install the materials. If you need to uninstall or reinstall the fence during the time it is in your possession, the task is easy. A contractor can explain how the assembly and disassembly process should be done when the materials are delivered.

How Much Does Temporary Fencing Cost?

Temporary fencing prices vary because the requirements can differ between construction sites. For example, the number of feet needed for the fencing to surround the perimeter of the site plays a role in the price. Fencing in a small site is less expensive than fencing in a large site. However, the type of fencing material chosen will also have an impact of what you are charged. You can get a specific price quote when you speak to a rental company about your temporary fencing needs.

For more information on a temporary fencing rental, contact a company near you.