Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement Services

26 July 2022
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Your water heater provides hot water to your home's different fixtures and appliances. Like other appliances, your water heater will only last so long before you need to replace it. Typically, a storage-tank water heater will last 10-15 years, and a tankless water heater will last 20 years. Learn more about how to know you need water heater replacement services. 

Leaking Tank

Water heater tanks generally consist of metal. While strong metal corrodes over time, an anode rod inside the tank can hinder corrosion. When the tank experiences heavy corrosion, the material will turn to rust, creating a leak in the water heater tank itself. When this happens, you have no choice but to get a new water heater.

High Utility Bills

Water heaters may lose efficiency over time. When water heaters work harder than normal, the utility bills will reflect the extra energy used to create hot water. Hot water costs may go up naturally in the winter months. However, when you notice the bills growing higher than usual, you may want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient water heater, such as a hybrid or a tankless water heater. 

Water Temperature Problems

Your hot water heater should provide adequate hot water for the whole family. However, over time, the water heater may not produce as much hot water or produce water that's too hot. Over time, sediment buildup can impact the components inside your water heater, including the heating elements and burners. At first, you may be able to replace the damaged component instead of replacing the whole unit. However, if the temperature problems persist, it's time to upgrade the unit.

Poor Water Quality

Most homeowners expect the water they use in the shower and the kitchen sink to be safe. Even if you don't drink the water, you still want quality water coming into your home when you clean. Sometimes, you may use hot water in cooking, too. When rust and mineral deposits accumulate in the water heater, the material can end up in the water you and your family use. When the water heater starts contaminating your home's water, you may need a new one.

Your water heater should work for years, especially with the proper maintenance. However, when you start to notice problems, look into your other options, such as energy-efficient water heaters with connectivity options. For more information on water heater replacement, contact a company near you.