3 Signs You Need Residential Drain Cleaning Services Before Your Drain Clogs

19 July 2022
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It's common for the drains in your house to get clogged up, but rather than wait for a drain to stop working, it's a good idea to have your drains cleaned when you notice problems in the early stages. That way you can eliminate issues with standing water in sinks and toilets backing up. Here are times to call a plumber for residential drain cleaning.

1. When A Drain Has Fruit Flies

Bad odors and flies coming from your drains could mean that food is caught in the drain and rotting. The bacteria can cause bad odors to waft out of the drain. The food also can attract fruit flies.

It's a good idea to call a plumber to clean the drain when you see flies in the drain or smell bad odors. If food is caught, the clog may keep building. Plus, you want to get rid of the annoying smells and flies. Your plumber might choose to clean your drain with a hydro jet that sprays water on the insides of the drain to wash it clean and move everything stuck on the sides on through the drain.

2. When Water Puddles In The Sink

If your drains are normally fast enough to empty water without water standing in the sink, then take note if your drains slow down and water waits in the sink to drain out. The drain may not be clogged completely yet, but there's a good chance it will clog as time goes on.

Drains get slow because clogs are in them, but the clogs are still small enough to let water through. This is the time to call a plumber because if you wait, you may have to deal with a sink full of water or a drain that won't empty at all. The plumber might fix this problem using a drain snake that pulls the clog out or punches through it to get the clog moving.

3. When Your Drain Gurgles

When your kitchen or toilet drain gets a clog, you can usually clear it yourself with a plunger. If you have to use the plunger often, that's a red flag that something is wrong in the drain. You might also hear gurgling when water goes down the drain or toilet. That's another sign the drain isn't clear.

If you're not clearing out the clog completely when you use a plunger, you should probably call in a plumber to use a snake or hydro jet to clean the drain thoroughly to get rid of anything caught or stuck to the sides that will lead to trouble later on.

For more information on residential drain cleaning, contact a company near you.