4 Reasons To Leave Residential Drain Cleaning To Professional Plumbers

30 June 2022
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Many homeowners don't realize the importance of routine drain cleaning until the water fails to drain from the sink completely. Even then, some homeowners will prefer to rush to the store for a chemical drain cleaner or plunger for a quick solution. While the chemicals and manual plunging techniques might yield results, the problem might arise shortly after. Therefore, you need to schedule an appointment with the experts for the reasons discussed below. 

1. Prolong the Lifespan of Your Pipes

Choking your drains with drain cleaners might be more harmful than you think. The cleaners often contain harsh chemicals that could corrode your pipes, causing holes and cracks. This often leads to leaks and burst pipes. Therefore, you'll be forced to spend money replacing or repairing pipes in the long run. Instead, use professional drain cleaning techniques such as hydro-jetting that preserve the plumbing systems. You can prevent leaks and clear clogs by trusting the experts to clean your drains.

2. Lasting Results

A plunger might offer short relief where your drains are slow. This is because the plunger or drain cleaners fail to address the root cause of the problem. They don't eliminate clogs but instead push the clogs further, which explains why the issues often resurface after a short time.

Professional techniques like drain snaking seek to eliminate the issue from its source. The plumber will inspect the nature of the clog and its position using a drain inspection camera. This allows them to break down the clog using an auger or snaking machine. By eliminating clogs and cleaning the pipes, you can enjoy lasting and effective services.

3. Keep Your Hands Clean

Drain cleaning is undoubtedly messy work. The task involves digging into dirty drainage pipes and extracting dirt, food debris, and hair build-up. You can create a mess in your house if you don't have the right tools, skills, and experience to clean the drains. However, you can always take advantage of drain cleaning services to avoid getting your hands dirty. The cleaners will show up with relevant tools and safety gear to prevent health hazards and clean up the mess after the job is done.

4. Professional Advice

You'll never know where you go wrong if you choose to do everything yourself. Sometimes you need an expert's opinion to help you determine the best ways to care for your home. During drain cleaning, the plumbers might guide you on how often to clean your drains to avoid clogs and bad odor. You can also learn about the dos and don'ts of maintaining a functional drain.

Always schedule professional drain cleaning when you suspect that something is affecting wastewater flow. As shown above, there's a lot to enjoy from leaving the task to a competent plumber.

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