Is Your Water Heater Underperforming? Find Out

20 June 2022
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A water heater is a necessity that you depend on to provide hot water for household utilities. However, despite a warranty, the unit's operation may not be-trouble free as its components wear out over time, inevitably causing it to underperform. Since you rely on your water heater for many activities, it can cause inconvenience in your daily duties when it gradually or suddenly gives out. Therefore, if your unit is not performing as it should, hire an accredited plumber to diagnose and fix the issue amicably. The following are water heater problems you may face.

No Hot Water

If your tank is full of water but won't heat, your heat source could have an issue. When your circuit breaker trips or fuse blows, it powers off the heater. Moreover, when the water in the tank overheats, it triggers the high-temperature cut-off feature, breaking the electrical connection. Alternatively, if your heating element fails or is faulty, it won't heat the water effectively. A professional plumber must reset your breaker if it tripped or replace your blown fuse and heating elements for your system to ignite again.

Water Is Not Hot Enough

An undersized water heater will lack enough power to meet the demands of the people using it. For instance, a few people may use up all hot water before everyone finishes showering. Furthermore, your water heater may stop heating your water because the heating element is failing. Therefore, you must hire a plumber to check whether your heater's power is adequate for your house's fixtures and recommend a replacement if it is too small. They will also replace the heating element for the water to heat uniformly. 

Water Takes Long to Heat

If the water takes a long time to heat, your thermostat setting may be too low, causing your burner to provide inadequate energy to heat your water quickly. Additionally, if sediment build-up covers your heating element, it won't transfer heat effectively to the water. Finally, a dirty vent flue or poor gas pressure may impact your gas connection, hindering the unit's energy input. It is essential that a plumber cleans the heater's elements and adjusts the thermostat to the right setting for water to heat as it should.

Leaks in the Water Heater

If your unit is leaking, corrosion in your tank could cause cracks or fractures. Moreover, loose plumbing connections can spring out leaks, especially if they emanate from the top of your tank. A professional plumber will tighten the water connections and suggest your unit's replacement if they cannot patch the tank's leak.

If your water heater does not deliver as it was, you must contact your plumber to inspect it, identify the problem, and rectify it for your unit's peak performance.

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