Signs You Need A New Well Pump

24 May 2022
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If you rely on well water in your home, it's important to know when your well pump is not functioning correctly. Here are a few common signs you need a new well pump.

No Water in Your Faucets

If you flush the toilet or turn on your kitchen tap and there is no water, this is often a sign you have a faulty well pump. Either your well pump is not pulling water, or you could be dealing with a major well water leak. Similarly, the problem could be in the circuit breaker. First, check to see whether or not your well's circuit breaker is tripped. If your circuit breaker has tripped, turn it on and check if your pump will function correctly. However, if the pump does not respond, it's best to contact your well water pump repair services to determine the actual cause of the problem.

Reduced Water Pressure

If water dribbles from your faucets, this is a sign your well pump could be damaged. Normally, you could either be dealing with a damaged pressure switch or a defective well pump. The pressure switch is responsible for controlling water pressure from your water tank, and a defective pressure switch cycles repeatedly or does not regulate pressure at all. However, if your pressure switch is functioning correctly, your well pump could be damaged and need a new replacement.

Sediment in Your Water

If there is dirt or sediment in the water coming from your taps, this typically signifies a problem with your water pump. Your pump filter could be damaged, or your pump is too powerful, thus pulling silt and sand from the bottom of your well. Moreover, your well pump could be positioned in the wrong direction. Therefore, if you notice dirty water from your faucets, call water well repair services to determine the cause of the problem. If the professional determines that your well pump is too powerful and pulls silt from the bottom of your well, you may have to get a new replacement.

Strange Noises Coming From Your Water Pump

If you notice odd noises such as grinding or gurgling when your well pump is operating, this is a sign your well pump has worn out, and it requires a new replacement. 

Above are signs you need a new well pump. Lack of water in your faucets and reduced water pressure indicate your well pump is failing, and it is best to plan for a replacement. Other signs of a faulty well pump include strange noises from the pump and the presence of dirty water from your taps. Contact a well pump repair service near you to learn more.