About Your Plumbing And Sewer System

8 April 2022
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If you purchase your own home, then it can pay off to start learning about residential plumbing. While you don't need to go to school for plumbing, you should know as much as possible about preventing plumbing problems and how to recognize them. Here is a guide that you should find to be a great place for you to start: 

Preventing plumbing problems 

Prevent frozen pipes—If you are in an area that gets freezing temperatures, then preventing frozen pipes is something that you need to know about. You should have a plumber come out to make sure that any exterior plumbing pipes are properly insulated, as well as educate you on all the things that need to be done during freezing temperatures, such as leaving faucets dripping and more. If you do go to turn on the water and nothing comes out, then get a plumber out immediately for a plumbing emergency because the pipes are frozen, and you want to prevent them from bursting. 

Prevent clogged drains—Yearly drain and pipe cleaning visits from the plumber are some of the best ways for you to prevent clogged pipes in the future. However, there are other things you also want to do throughout the year to prevent clogs. Never allow any amount of oil or grease to go in the drain. Also, make sure all dishes with even the smallest amount of food left on them after being scraped off go in the side with the garbage disposal. Make sure everyone is clear on the fact that toilet paper is the only thing to go down the toilet, even if other products are labeled "flushable."

Prevent sewer issues—It's important for you to keep the sewer system in good shape by having it cleaned routinely. If things go wrong with the sewer line, then this can be very problematic for you. You can experience foul smells in your home, and you can have the sewage back up into your home. If sewage gets in the home, then this can create unlivable conditions until the sewer is fixed and the home has been properly cleaned. 

Recognizing plumbing problems

Get to know your house—The best way for you to know how to spot plumbing problems is to get to know your house well. Quickly become familiar with all of its sounds, the speed at which the water goes down the drains, the water level in the toilets, and everything else that has to do with the plumbing system. This way, you will be in the best position possible to recognize changes. These changes likely mean problems, and this means you should have a plumber out. 

Pay attention to the yard—You don't only want to get to know the house, you also need to become familiar with the yard because plenty of plumbing elements are out there as well. If you notice that there are puddles in the yard for no reason, or there is a bad smell anywhere on the property, or there is anything else concerning, then have a plumber check on things because there may be something going on with the pipes or sewer line that needs to be repaired.

For more information on sewer cleaning services, contact a plumber in your area.