Trenchless Pipe Lining May Be Better Than Replacing The Pipe When You Have A Sewer Leak

8 March 2022
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If your commercial building's sewer line has a leak in it, you'll need a quick solution for repairs. A possible option is to have trenchless pipe lining done. It is much less disruptive than the other choice, which is digging up the pipe. Here are things to know about trenchless pipe lining and how it compares to digging up the pipes.

Pipe Lining Doesn't Require A Lot Of Digging

The main advantage of trenchless pipe lining is that the plumber doesn't have to dig a long trench on your property to pull out the entire sewer line or to reach the damaged area for repairs. This is a major benefit when dealing with a commercial property that might be open seven days a week. The plumber may still need to dig a couple of holes in your yard, but you won't have the added time, expense, and disruption of trench digging.

Pipe Lining Goes Fairly Quickly

There are a few steps involved in trenchless pipe lining. This allows the work to be done as quickly as possible. The plumber might finish the installation in a single day, but more time is often needed for prep work and an inspection at the end. Two steps involved in pipe lining are conducting a video camera inspection and cleaning the pipe, which might be done the day before the installation. Other steps include digging the holes, putting in the liner, inflating the liner, allowing the liner time to cure, inspecting the work, and closing the access holes.

The Liner Is As Good As A Pipe

You may be wondering if a liner has a long life and if it is a better option than pipe replacement. The liner is an excellent option because it becomes a sturdy pipe once it cures. An advantage is that the pipe has no seams, so it can turn curves and join with pipes of different sizes without the need for seams that could leak or get opened up by wiggling tree roots. A pipe liner can even last for decades, so there is no advantage to replacing the pipe unless the pipe is so far gone that a liner can't be put inside it.

You'll See The Results With Another Video Inspection

When the liner is in place, the plumber runs a video camera through it so you can see that the work is complete, the liner is intact, and that the liner has formed a seamless pipe. Then you can rest assured your sewer leak is repaired and you can get back to business as normal.

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