3 Of The Best Times To Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service

8 March 2022
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When should you schedule a drain cleaning service? Whether you're a first-time homeowner or just new to plumbing system maintenance, you may not know when a drainpipe cleaning is necessary or recommended. Before you skip this routine type of care, take a look at the best times to schedule professional drain services.

Your Home's Fixtures Drain Slowly  

Does your home have slow drains? The water in the sink sits for what seems like hours before it finally recedes and the shower looks more like a bathtub. Slow to drain or backed up plumbing signals a problem with this home system. Even though it's easy to ignore a slow drain, failure to address the issue could result in additional plumbing problems or other types of home damage.

If you notice slow-to-drain fixtures or the water backs up in sinks and tubs, contact a plumber as soon as possible. The contractor can inspect the fixtures, find the source of the problem, and remove the clog. Along with clog removal, the plumber may suggest drain pipe services such as cleaning. A professional-level cleaning can remove debris and other types of buildup from inside of the pipes. This allows water to move freely and may even reduce the likelihood of a repeat clog.

You Just Had Guests, An Extended-Stay Visitor, or Threw a Large Party

Your brother's family of five took several baths and showers over their two-week stay. While entertaining your guests you also cooked multiple meals and threw a party. 

How can guests and parties lead to a need for professional-level drain cleaning? The more use your fixtures and plumbing system get, the more likely it is that debris will start to coat or clog the drainpipes. 

Repeatedly rinsing loose hair down the tub drain, washing leftover food debris into the kitchen sink, and other similar activities that happen when you entertain or have extended stay guests can cause these issues. If you haven't had a drain service in more than one year or you notice that your fixtures are suddenly draining slower than before your guests arrived, it's time to schedule a service. 

You Are Ready To Sell Your Home

Even though the plumbing system won't add to your property's curb appeal, it can help to sell your house. If your would-be home buyers see water standing in the bathroom sink or turn the kitchen faucet and notice that the fixture is slow to drain, you could lose a potential sale. Instead of waiting for a home buyer to find a clogged drain, schedule a pre-sales appointment.