Drain Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

15 February 2022
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Cleaning your drains is one of the basic homeowner maintenance jobs. Clogged drains can lead to gurgling toilets, sewage odor, and many other annoying signs. Here is a look at some drain cleaning tips every homeowner should beware of.

Flush Drains with Hot Water

It is important that you are careful about what you flush down your plumbing lines. Paper towels, flushable wipes, fat, oil, and grease are things you shouldn't flush down your drains. One way to ensure your drains are clean and don't clog is by flushing the pipes with hot water. This water breaks down material build-up in the pipes and allows the debris to flow away.

The water melts away fatbergs that are one of the causes of blocked pipes. However, don't use boiling water on PVC pipes. This could damage them.

Remove the Pop-Up Assembly

Another way of cleaning your drains is by using a plunger. This will get water flowing again. Plug your plunger on the overflow above your sink. Make sure you use the right plunger. The next step is to remove the pop-up assembly. This will help you get rid of hair or debris in the drain. 

Invest in a Snake

Snakes are a worthy investment for cleaning drains. These tools address minor clogs. The augers are inserted in the drain line to twist or penetrate through a clog. While snakes don't resolve all clogs, they are effective for small clogs. However, you need to be careful not to damage your lines. If a snake cannot penetrate through a clog, you should consult a plumber.

Clean Your Lines Regularly

The best defense for clogs is the use of an enzyme cleaner. There are different types of enzyme cleaners. Some are used for getting rid of pet stains while others are used to clean drainage lines. Many hardware stores stock high-grade enzyme cleaners. If you are in doubt, ask a plumber for recommendations.

A rule of thumb is to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Many homeowners use enzyme cleaners for their basement drain. The cleaner works through a biological reaction.

Avoid Liquid Cleaners

Many homeowners attempt to unclog their toilets with liquid drain cleaners. These aren't effective but only offer a temporary solution. Furthermore, liquid cleaners contain many chemicals that can damage your pipes. The cleaners are also toxic, which means they are dangerous to handle.

In Closing

Drain cleaning is a plumbing issue that many homeowners struggle with. If you are unsure how to use a snake or plunger, leave your drain cleaning issues to a professional. Generally, regularly inspecting and cleaning your clogs prevents severe problems from developing.

For more information on drain cleaning, contact a professional near you.