Four Signs That Indicate You Need Gas Line Repair Services

25 August 2021
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A gas line is an essential part of your home because it provides a constant natural gas supply for your appliances and furnace. However, though a gas line is made out of metal, it is still susceptible to getting damaged or loosening, resulting in a gas leak.

Natural gas is very flammable, and thus a leaking gas line can start a fire or explosion that burns down your property. As a result, it is essential to learn how to detect a damaged gas line early in order to have gas line repairs conducted promptly.

It is easy to detect a gas leak by the distinct smell of rotten eggs in most cases. However, depending on where the damaged section of the gas line is located, you may not be able to notice the smell. Thus, here are four additional signs you can use to determine if you need gas line repair services.

Dying Vegetation

Natural grass is poisonous to plant life. Thus, if your gas line runs through areas that have plants such as bushes, grass, and flower, if a gas leak occurs, then you will notice the plant life start to die. Sometimes you may not notice a gas leak in your house via smell. However, if you have plants inside your home, you will notice that they start dying all of a sudden for no apparent reason.

Thus, when you notice your plants dying simultaneously around the house or in areas where your gas line runs, then it is a sign that you may have a damaged gas line. Thus, it is advisable to immediately call a gas line repair contractor to inspect your gas line for damages when you notice this sign.

Unusually High Gas Bill

A high gas bill often results from malfunctioning appliances that run on gas, such as your gas stove, water heater, or furnace. However, if a contractor determines that the appliances have no issues, the next probable culprit is your gas line.

When gas lines get damaged on your meter side, the leaking gas is accounted for in the bill, and you get a higher gas bill. Thus, when you encounter an unusually high gas bill and your appliances are not the issue, you need to call a gas line repair technician to inspect and fix the issue before more gas gets wasted.

Poor Performance From Gas Appliances

Your gas appliances, such as stoves, water heaters, and furnaces get their natural gas supply from your gas line. Thus, they can also help you determine if there is an issue with your gas line.

When your gas line encounters damage and starts to leak gas, the amount of gas supplied to your appliances will reduce. As a result, you will notice a poor performance on all appliances that utilize gas. For instance, you may realize that your furnace doesn't provide sufficient heat or your gas stove has a feeble flame.

When you notice these signs simultaneously, it means that there is an issue with your gas line, and as a result, you need to call a gas line repair contractor immediately.

Rusting and Corrosion

As a homeowner, it is advisable to conduct regular checks on your gas line to look for signs of rusting or corrosion, especially if you live in an old home. Old homes have old metallic gas pipes, and as a result, these lines may have been exposed to moisture for a long time resulting in rust.

A severe case of rust on your metal gas line will result in corrosion which can wear down the gas line to the point a leak occurs. Thus, when you notice rust or early signs of corrosion on your gas line, you need to call a gas line repair contractor to remedy the situation before a gas leak occurs.