Underlying Symptoms Of The Forthcoming Need For Air Conditioning Replacement

13 August 2021
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Despite air conditioning systems being one of the workhorses in the home, these systems are not invulnerable to eventual disrepair. But since they are designed to be functional for a decade or more, it can be challenging for some individuals to know whether the time has come to seek air conditioning replacement or if repairs will be sufficient.

The reality is that as long as you spending money on persistent repairs, you will be wasting precious resources that you could use to buy a new AC system altogether! So to help you avoid spending money on recurring AC problems, here are some underlying symptoms to watch for of the forthcoming need for air conditioning replacement.

The air conditioning system is not producing air

The integral function of your residential air conditioning system is to produce cool air to keep your interiors warm as needed. With that in mind, the moment it loses this primary function, you should start searching for a new AC system to replace it. Usually, this could be indicative of a refrigerant leak that is preventing the air conditioning system from cooling any air. However, this problem can also come about from issues such as a damaged compressor, defective ductwork, and so on.

Another symptom to be wary of is when your home feels constantly humid. This symptom indicates that the air conditioning system has lost its ability to suck in warm air, cool it, and emit it into the room. Seeking the services of an air conditioning technician is integral so that you can have this system replaced in the shortest time possible.

The air conditioning system is making your home small

The second symptom of the forthcoming need for air conditioning replacement is strange odors pervading your interiors. Typically, this smell is caused by mold in the air conditioning unit. Mold comes bout when a water leak goes unnoticed for a long time. The longer this water sits in the AC unit, the higher the likelihood is of mold breeding in these moist conditions, and before you know it, the mold spores start being circulated by your air conditioning system.

If the mold has infested a majority of the AC systems parts such as the filters, drip pan, evaporator coil, and more, it is safest to simply replace the entire system. You should know that noxious smells could also come from your unit if a rodent has died inside the ductwork. To be on the safe side, you should have an AC technician come to investigate the source and replace the system as needed.

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