Plumber: 3 Critical Things You Can Do To Maintain A Healthy Plumbing System

26 July 2021
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The level of hygiene in your home depends on how well your plumbing system works. If you have a functional plumbing system and have been maintaining the faucets, sewer pipes, and even the septic tank, the possibility of plumbing emergencies decreases. On the other hand, when you are not keen on caring for your plumbing, clogged drains, leaking faucets, water backing into the house, and other inconveniences become part of the issues you will frequently experience. See the three things you can do to maintain your plumbing system in excellent condition at all times.

Fix Leaking Faucets

Most homeowners will not worry about a leaking faucet as long as the water is dripping onto a sink or other drainage features or areas. However, the little water that drips daily will definitely add up and raise your annual water bills. If you have more than one faucet leaking water in the house, the amount of water going down the drain unnecessarily increases, and you might have sewer and septic tank issues. Leaking faucets also lead to mold damage. It's, therefore, critical to call a plumber to assess the O-rings, flow restrictors, washers, and other faucet components to determine which one needs repair. 

Stop the Running Toilet

Running toilets are another commonly ignored plumbing problem. Most people ignore the problem because the water flows down the system and out of the home. However, the water can upset or alter bacterial balance and lead to greywater pooling in your yard. The toilet usually runs when the flapper gets damaged. A dysfunctional flapper does not restrict the flow of water after flushing, and this keeps the water flowing into the toilet bowl continuously. If you notice this problem, call a competent plumber to look at the chain, the floating ball, and the flapper to determine which component needs repair. 

Check the Condition of Your Drains

Another common source of plumbing issues in your home is drainage. Your drainage system can clog or leak water either inside the house or outside. Clogs result from flushing hair, soap, grease, food particles, and other solids down the drain. They might also come from external factors such as tree roots getting impounded into the drainage system. A competent plumber can use cameras to check the condition inside your drainage. They will help you unclog any blockages, which is a practical way to restore hygiene and efficiency.

Take excellent care of the entire plumbing system if you want to avoid plumbing issues.  Don't neglect routine and proper drain cleaning, and ensure you are always keen on what you put down the drain. Call in a plumber for repairs as soon as you see signs of damage on your plumbing system.