3 Tips for Setting up Plumbing in a New Construction Home

6 July 2021
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When it comes to constructing a new home, you need to think about all of the details, such as how you will set up the plumbing. Getting the details right will help enhance the performance of your new home.

Tip #1: Make the Main Water Shut-Off Easily Accessible

The main water shut-off valve allows you to control the entire water supply for your home. If you have a severe leak or experience a sewer line clog, you will want to be able to get to the main water shut-off quickly and without any hassle.

All too often, the main water control shut-off is located in a crawlspace or other area that is hard to access. You will want to avoid putting this value in a crawlspace, where you will need a flashlight and some excellent crawling skills to get to the value. Instead, put the main water shut-off somewhere in your living space, where you can easily access it, such as in your garage or next to your water heater in a hallway closet. Keep it somewhere that you can get to it and turn it off in a matter of a minute or two if you need to; don't turn its location into a treasure hunt.

Tip #2: Be Strategic with Water Heater and Furnace

With your water heater and furnace, you are going to want to be strategic about the location. If you have a basement, one of the best places to put your new water heater and furnace is in the basement. If either of these appliances leaks or gets damaged, they will cause minimal damage to the home. Also, this puts these appliances out of the way from getting damaged.

If you don't plan on installing a basement in your home, the next best place is to put the items on the main floor of your home. You can put your water heater and furnace in the garage if it is attached to your home. Or you can put them inside of a utility closet that you specifically designed to hold those appliances. You want these water-based appliances to be accessible but also out of the way as they are not that visually appealing.

Tip #3: Install Appliances Near Each Other

Finally, you will want to install various appliances near each other so that those items are easy to access if you have an issue. You want to install the water-based appliances close to each other. These include appliances such as a water heater, sewer connection, water softener, sewage ejector pit, furnace, and sump pump. These are all systems that you will want to have easy access to when an issue arrives. As you are building your home, you can keep these appliances near each other.

Consider working with a plumbing construction company that specializes in new construction homes. They will know how to set up the plumbing in your home efficiently that will facilitate a well-run plumbing setup. You are going to want to keep water-based appliances together to make accessing them easy.