Non-Leak Problems That Plumbers Can Solve

4 June 2021
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Who do you call when you have a leak? A plumber, of course! Repairing leaks is a lot of what plumbers do, but this is not their entire job. Plumbers are skilled problem solvers and can fix all sorts of issues with the water supply and water-using equipment in your home. Here are some of the key, non-leak problems your plumber can solve.

Slow Drains

When your drain slows down, your first thought may be to buy a bottle of drain cleaner. But this is really just a temporary fix, and the chemicals in drain cleaner can often damage your pipes in the process. If you call a plumber, they'll fish out whatever is causing the clog, and they can also clean the line. Once the sticky material has been removed from the inside of your pipes, you'll be less likely to experience additional clogs and slow drains in the coming months. Plus, plumbers use mechanical equipment that won't damage your pipes and drains like chemical drain cleaners often do.

Low Water Pressure

Sometimes people assume that if they have low water pressure, it's just because their municipal water service is not sending the water through the lines forcefully enough. Sometimes this is true, but not usually. There's a good chance you have mineral buildup slowing the flow of water through your line. Or, you may have a leak in the pipes leading into your home. A plumber can quickly identify these issues and recommend repairs so that you can enjoy a more powerful water flow. And if the plumber does find there's just not a lot of water coming into your lines, they can still install a pressure-increasing tank to remedy the situation. (This tank stores water as it comes into your home and then sends it through your pipes at a higher pressure.)

Odors and Gurgling Noises

If you've noticed that a particular drain gurgles and gives off noxious odors, then you really do need to call your plumber. This is a sign your sewer vents are clogged. Yes, the sewage pipes in your home are vented — usually through your roof! This problem goes overlooked a lot because people don't know a lot about sewer vents. But once a plumber clears the vents, your drains will flow better and those gurgling odors will be gone.

Definitely call a plumber if you have a leak, but don't forget to call them for these other problems, too.