Did Your Home Flood? Important Plumbing Issues

15 October 2021
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If you live in an area prone to flooding, you can face many plumbing problems as part of your recovery. Excess water inside your home can cause a number of damages, so you need a proper professional inspection to avoid missing possible problems. Here are some of the more common problems suffered after your home floods: Pipe Damage One possible downfall of a flood is damage to your pipes. Flooding can lead to debris hitting your pipes or excess water possibly cracking or crushing the pipes. Read More 

5 AC Maintenance Tasks to Do before Winter

1 October 2021
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Fall is the best time to tend to annual AC care, as you can both service the unit and prepare it for the winter months. Schedule your AC winterization after the unit has been shut down for the season. 1. Maintain the Exterior Unit On most homes, the exterior unit is installed near a wall on the side of the house. Debris such as fallen leaves and overgrown grass can collect around it, but this should be cleared away before winter. Read More 

4 DIY Garbage Disposal Fixes To Try Before Calling The Plumber

22 September 2021
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A garbage disposal is an amazingly handy kitchen timesaver that is often taken for granted. That is, until it's turned on and nothing happens except a low whine or, even worse, complete silence. If your garbage disposal isn't working, don't panic. There are several DIY fixes you can try before calling a plumber.   Look For Obstructions The first step is to look for obstructions in the unit. However, never put your hand down the sink into the disposal unit until you've switched off the unit first. Read More 

3 Times To Consider Using Air Duct Cleaning Services To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

10 September 2021
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The air ducts in your home are out of sight, but they still impact you and your home. Cooled and heated air travel through the ducts when you use your HVAC, and dust, mold, and other debris in the ducts can be circulated throughout your home. You may not need your ducts cleaned very often, but when they're dirty, consider using professional air duct cleaning services to get the ducts clean. Read More 

Four Signs That Indicate You Need Gas Line Repair Services

25 August 2021
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A gas line is an essential part of your home because it provides a constant natural gas supply for your appliances and furnace. However, though a gas line is made out of metal, it is still susceptible to getting damaged or loosening, resulting in a gas leak. Natural gas is very flammable, and thus a leaking gas line can start a fire or explosion that burns down your property. As a result, it is essential to learn how to detect a damaged gas line early in order to have gas line repairs conducted promptly. Read More